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Students from this school will be making the news for real on 10 March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.

Theatre Festival Triomphe

On Saturday the 4th -6th of March, the Worcestershire theatre festival took place in the Norbury theatre in Droitwich for the 4th year running. The adjudicator was called Mike Kaiser. Mike Kaiser has been an amateur theatre actor winning many awards for acting, directing and writing. He set up a theatre company in his own town over thirty years ago and directed the winning entry in the all England festival. Spending all that time teaching English and drama, Mike Kaiser has adjudicated in the British all-winners final for the second time in a row. The festival consists of many plays such as: ‘Us and Them’, ‘Always on my Mind’, ‘Missing Dan Nolan’ and finally, ‘British history XXX’ are all examples of the plays that people took part in the festival the all English theatre festival also maintains contact with other festivals throughout the UK. There is also a social media website where people can share their amazing experiences.

On a Saturday our students from the Kingswinford School took part proudly and presented ‘Us and them.’ This was directed by Emma Francis.

The all England festival is for amateurs to compete against each other and to benefit from adjudication and with the feedback they can try and improve. Emma Francis said “that it was a great weekend and all the plays were amazing” . Nathan, 12, a student who performed a minor role in the play said,” it was an amazing experience which I will remember for the rest of my life”. Alex, 12, who won the award for the best youth actor, claimed, “it was awesome and rated the experience 9/10”.

A member of the audience said “all the plays had a very atmospheric drama feel to them and they wish all the schools the best of luck for drama in the future.

Reported by Nathan

Why are certain brands considered “cool”?

We have started to notice recently that brands are beginning to matter more to today’s teenagers; therefore, we decided to investigate. The majority of people consider Nike, Adidas and Burberry as “cool“ brands; we interviewed 35 school students and asked them to take part in a survey whichwould reveal the most admired brand. In total, 34 people answered our survey and the majority of people chose to vote for Adidas.

We asked some of these students to confirm their answer with a reason, this is what we received: “ Adidas is a very comfortable brand and has many pockets to store valuable items” Another student claimed “ They’re very thick and therefore they keepme warm.”

As well as completing a survey on favoured brands we will also be recording an audio video about make-overs and we will bring in a professional makeup artist to perform makeovers on different people, to see whether they prefer the natural look or would like to wear their makeup to the max. Once the girlshave had their makeovers we will ask them if they feel more confident or if they feel self conscious about having too much makeup on. We will show before and after pictures, for all to see on the website.We will reveal how to create the looks on a separate video on the website which will be beneath the before and after pictures. We will also dress them in the students’ favourite brands(Adidas) to see if there is really a difference in quality or appearance. With the battle of the brands question in mind, it also raises another concern: what price are we paying for these desired brands? Who is creating them and who are the real victims of fashion?

Reported by Freya and Toni

New Film Releases

Nothing could be better than spending a night watching a film curled up, right? But what if you don't know what film you want to watch or if you want to go out with your friends to the cinema on a weekend but can't decide? Well, this is where we swoop in and save you by running through some of the newest releases yet!

Disney Zootopia!

Honestly what could be better than animals that talk and wear cute little outfits and do daily jobs just like humans, I mean if you don't then you have got to be kitten me right now. But apparently, there is more to this film than cute animals.

  • 4/5 Stars
  • Rated: PG
  • Tomatometer: 99%
So what is this film about?

Judy Hopps,(a bunny) and Nick Wilde, (a fox) are two of the main characters. The first thing you notice is that they are complete opposites: prey and predator. IT makes us, the viewer ask: how will they possibly get along? Judy longs to be a police officer but is frequently underestimated and overlooked; what she really wants is to make the world a much better place. Overall, there is a really strong message of ‘never give up’ and it seems to be another touching film that has been produced by Disney once again.


A massive buzz has occurred ever since Deadpool has said to be released, but is it what we expect it to be as a superhero film? Sadly for all the under 15’s you may have to wait a while unless you go with an adult due to the strong violence and references.

  • 4/5 Stars
  • Rated: R
  • Tomatometer: 84%
What's it about?

Based upon some of the Marvel comics tells an interesting story about a former special forces operatives turning a soldier that goes by the name Wade Wilson, who had experienced a dangerous experiment which left him with some rather unusual healing powers and soon changes to the name of Deadpool. Now he is more of an anti-hero, Deadpool goes to hunt down the man that almost ruined his life, talk about a dramatic twist! Here is what one person thought about this film,”Deadpool has one of the most wildest and has one of the most dramatic twists on the superhero genre yet!”

Batman VS Superman!

Out March 25th, what I find quite spectacular is that on many of the advertisements it doesn't show the name of the film because you instantly identify them already. Superman and Batman are a part of some of the oldest comics you may ever have heard of. Hopefully, this film will solve the debate that all of the fans have argued over for about a decade; if it doesn't, then there is going to be a lot to talk about.

  • 4 /5 Stars
  • Rated: PG-13 (Whoop, let’s hear it for the teens!)
What's it about?

All we actually know so far is that the superheroes won't be alone as there will also be some more fictional characters involved such as: Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Lois Lane and many more.Now I don't want to share any spoilers so all I will say is: the superheroes will have to use all their resources to do what they can to defeat the evil alien menace. Will the heroes have to quit playing solo and unite as one.

Reported by Amelia

At age 27, artists go to heaven

The 27 club is a group of famous musicians who all mysteriously died at the age of 27. They include the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. People have been led to believe that the age of 27 is mystical and horrifying for artists.

Musicians of different genres tend to have different causes of deaths. For instance, artists specializing in hip-hop have a tendency to be murdered more than those in other genres of music. The older, more traditional genres, such as country, blues and jazz, for understandable reasons, usually die of cancer or heart diseases.

Metal and punk artists are, by a massive percentage, more likely to suffer from accidental deaths – namely car crashes and drug overdoses. These genres also have a serious issue with suicide, with at least one in five dead artists taking their own lives.

Rap and Hip Hop musicians have an astonishing 51% probability of being murdered, but are unlikely to die of cancer, suicide or heart-related diseases.

Other genres such as blues and gospel have a relatively low death rate involving accidents, suicide, murder or cancer, gospel music having a o.9% suicide death rate. *

Many inspiring musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morison, Amy Winehouse, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain all died at the mysterious age of 27 and all of different causes.

Jimi Hendrix, was an american rock and roll guitarist and singer-song writer; who was arguably the most influencial electric guitar player of all time. Hendrix died of overdosing on pills and drowning in his own vomit in 1970.

Another notable artist in the 27 club is Kurt Cobain, The guitarist and lead singer of the massively succesful grunge band Nirvana. The frontman was found dead in his home near lake Washington in 1994, nearly three days after Cobain shot himself. Cobain was the fifth member of the 27 club.

Amy Winehouse also died in unnatural circumstances. Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in 2011. Only hours before her death, she told her doctor that she didn’t wish to die.

Many artists appear to think themselves as immortal, but this attitude clearly can be fatal. A good example of this is the indie rock band Viola Beach. On their first international tour, the young men (aged 19 – 32) were driving when they tragically and shockingly plunged off of a bridge near Stockholm, Sweden.

From this, we can conclude that the music scene is not as glamourous as it may first seem, and if you’re a metal, rock or punk artist, you may meet a rather grisly end. However, the same could be said for other musicians in various different genres.

Despite this, the music career is not all doom and gloom. The life of a rockstar is one coveted by many – the fame, the riches, the excitement of performing on stage for a crowd of thousands.

*Source: The Guardian

Reported by Laurel and Beth

What makes a trend a trend?

Have you ever wondered what a ‘trend’ actually is? Well a trend is something that gets popular over the internet really quickly. For example, a viral video that makes you laugh or sometimes just different things that you can just debate on just like the black and blue dress or maybe just a random saying: Damn Daniel. Some examples would be: pepe the meme frog, doge, troll face, ‘What are those!’ even Donald Trump these would be known as memes. A lot of people tend to like memes where you can relate to them or just to tag their mates.

Most internet famous people have fandoms that will create relatable posts about something they did or something they said and because of how popular they are, it would spread quickly. Youtubers and bloggers sometimes start off these trends by editing random photos and turning it into one photo/video or by using hashtags where their fans will use their magical powers to spread the memes about. For example, Dan Howells’, ( ‘youtuber’ )dimple look like a sad face and his fans have turned it into a meme. The Internet is a surprising place at times. We created a survey relating to popular memes. We don’t think it will be too long before ‘meme’ makes word of the year! Who knows what the next internet craze or trend will be.

Reported by Jaylen

Science and English team up on World Book Day!

On February 29th 2016, a group of Science Ambassadors and Literacy Leaders went to Westfield Community Primary School in Wombourne to carry out a crime scene investigation for Years 4, 5 and 6. A painting had been stolen and the children had to figure out who committed the crime. Many forensic tests were carried out-just like the real thing!

The first test was chromatography. The ink from the forged painting had to be compared to that of the real painting. Another experiment was using iodine to find the signature finger prints and match the fingerprint from the suspect sheet to the one found on the door. Powder was left behind off the suspect’s shoe and hydrochloric acid was used to find out which suspect it was, after finding out the footprint powder fizzed in the acid.

The last experiment was that the suspect had broken a window to get in and some of the fibres off their clothes had snagged on the shattered glass. The children had to match it with different fibres to find out the identity of the burglar, just like the real thing!

Some of our team went live across the school on their in-house radio station in school. The criminal, who was a teacher, was arrested in front of the 3 year groups. A great time was had by all. The headteacher, Mrs Shaw, of Westfield Community Primary said ‘There was a real positive vibe around the school!’ Mrs Pinto, Science Director at The Kingswinford School, came along with colleagues Mrs Perks and Miss Sutton to lead the experiments.

Mrs Pinto said, ‘it was great to see our students so enthusiastic and committed when working with the primary school’s children. There was a super atmosphere on the day and we look forward to working with staff and students from Westfield Community Primary School again in the future.’ It was a pleasure for the Science Ambassadors and Literacy Leaders to become representatives for The Kingswinford School.

Reported by Thomas

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