House System

Our pastoral system is sorted into houses where we encourage a positive attitude to studying. The house system promotes that every student’s effort and participation in all aspects of school life can help their house to be successful.

The structure and discipline that the house system promotes is an integral part of the school and students are encouraged to treat their houses like families.

Key features that we instill into the house ethos are:

  • Competition
  • Community
  • Team Spirit
  • Responsibility
  • Identity
  • Leadership

A comprehensive programme of Inter-House activities and competitions are always happening at The Kingswinford School.

A series of certificates, high-street vouchers and invitation to rewards trip ensure that students are reward for an excellent attitude and learning achievements. These prizes are achieved through the awarding of individual house points and the overall totals create competition between the separate Houses throughout the academic year.

The Identity of the four houses is further strengthened through a range of Inter-House competitions including quizzes, master-chef competitions and many sporting events.

  • Head of Argon – Miss J Edgington
  • Head of Helium – Mrs D Castle
  • Head of Krypton – Mr J Wilkes
  • Head of Neon – Mr N Tromans