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Homework enhances student learning, improves achievement and develops students study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum. It requires careful planning and integration into the scheme of work of each curriculum area.

Homework is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. It is important in raising student achievement.

Not all homework is done at home; in fact, for some students who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks which may require resources (books, software, equipment) more readily available at school, it is necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school.


Homework enables students to:

  • Consolidate and extend work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities.
  • Access resources not available in the classroom.
  • Develop research skills.
  • Have an opportunity for independent work.
  • Show progress and understanding.
  • Provide feedback in the evaluation of teaching.
  • To enhance their study skills e.g. planning, time management and self discipline.
  • To take ownership and responsibility for learning.
  • Engage parental cooperation and support.
  • Create channels for home school dialogue.
Homework Schedule

Students should be given at least one week to complete homework. There is a schedule of nights on which students are expected to complete homework for each subject to assist with their forward planning. Subject teachers must ensure when they set homework that the time period for completion straddles this day of the week (they do not need to set it on the day within the schedule but must allow students to complete it on the scheduled day).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Key Stage 3EnglishMathsScienceHumanities, Computing, MFLExpressive Arts, DT, PE and other subjects
Key Stage 4EnglishMathsScienceOption Groups A & BOption Groups C & D

House Points are awarded for achievement and sustained effort with good homework.


When homework is not completed, teachers should initially support the student and ensure the tasks set meet the students needs. If this is so, then sanctions should be used. Detentions are set for non-completion of homework. When detentions are set for homework, students must have the homework re-identified to them in planners so that they know what to do in the detention.

Responsibilities, The role of the student:

  • To listen to homework instructions in class.
  • To copy down instructions for the task and deadline date into the homework diary.
  • To ensure that homework is completed and handed in to meet the deadline.
  • To attempt all work and give their best.
  • To inform the class teacher of any difficulties.

We encourage the use of Google Classroom to set homework and this is advisable as it means that full instructions for each piece of homework can be viewed by both students and parents/carers.

A "Flipped Learning" approach to homework is also encouraged, whereby students are introduced to the learning material before class, with classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers.

Extra Credit Optional Homework

Students should be encouraged to complete the following examples of Extra Credit Optional Homework:

  • Literacy - 1 hour Reading (fiction for preference) per week
  • Numeracy Homework - 1 hour Mymaths per week (student selected topic)
  • Health & Fitness - 1 hour of sporting activity per week
  • Social & Community -1 hour of charitable work, volunteering or similar selfless activity
  • Cultural - Visit to a museum, theatre or arts production (not cinema), visit a historical landmark, zoo, national monument or nature reserve or similar.

House points should be awarded by form tutors for completion of Extra Credit Optional Homework, in addition to those awarded for subject based homework set by subject teachers.